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Breakfast-table d'hôtes
Breakfast is usually served in the large common room, or on the terrace in the summer, normally from 8:30, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
The breakfasts are rich and varied. Typically, we offer bread, yogurts, homemade jams, honey, fresh fruit, cheese and croissants or pancakes, accompanied by coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, and orange juice.
Every evening our table of hosts proposes a family and traditional cooking, that we attach ourselves with a true desire to make as tasty as possible. Our meals are input (hot or cold), dish, cheese platter and dessert. The price is 28 euros per person over 10 years and 10 euros per child from 2 to 10 years.
During the four summer months, we offer menus at 20 euros, simpler, but still homemade, such as mixed salads, grilled meat, steak, fries, ice cream ...
Every day, evening, and lunch for our guests staying more than one night, we also offer copious plates of cold cuts and / or cheeses at the price of 18 euros to quench the summer hungers the most simply of the world, and picnic baskets for 12 euros, to eat with family or friends during your walks in our Burgundy countryside, to take the road, or eat on the spot in the shade of our summer bar or on our terrace……
We can accommodate any special diets on request (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.). Do not hesitate to inform us beforehand of these details by phone or email.
A small map of Burgundy wines and Belgian beers is also available.

For obvious reasons of organization, thank you kindly to reserve your meals at the Table d'Hôtes during your email confirmation of reservation, or at the latest 72 hours before the date of the meal.
Every evening our table of hosts proposes a family and traditional cooking, that we attach ourselves with a true desire to make as tasty as possible.
A beautiful wine list invites you to discover beautiful wines of Burgundy

From October 1st to the end of May
Gourmet menu - 28€ / person
(Drinks not included)
- children's formula at 10€ up to 10 years
On reservation 72 hours minimum in advance
- regional aperitif drink and accompaniments offered
- Entree - Plat  - Cheese- Dessert
From June 1st to August 31st
"Summer" menu  - 18€ / person
- Charcuterie
- Cheese
- Dessert

Want to go to the day without worrying about the meal? We prepare you:
- a homemade snack.
- or a meal tray on site, our copious cheeseboards or cold meats await you.

Everyday from april 1st till august 31st
Charcuterie, chesse or mixed boards – 18€ / person
Picnic basket 12€ / person
- children's formula at 8€ until 12 ears
- according to seasonal products and availability you will find :
Salad "house"
Seasonal fruits
Mineral water and picnic accesories included
(Included in the price of the rooms)
Breafasts are rich and varied.
Typically, we offer you
bread (we hope soon to offer homemade bread),
homemad jam,
honey, fresh fruits,
cheese and croissants or pancakes,
with coffee, tea, chocolate, milk and orange juice.

2, route de Beaune - 21250 Corberon - France - 03 45 63 14 65 - 06 44 86 24 -67
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